Social Dynamics in Urban Context
Open tools, models and data - Paris and its suburbs, 1789-1950

Welcome to the SODUCO project

SODUCO is a 4 years pluridisciplinary project funded by the French National Research Agency, it has started in march 2019 and will end in 2023. SODUCO brings together people from the geographical sciences, from urban history, specialists of network morphogenesis and computer scientists to study the evolution of Paris over time, both in terms of its morphological transformations and its social evolutions.

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Latest news

SuDUCo at the 'Printemps des Cartes' festival!

The work of the SoDUCo team will be presented during the workshop on the “Automated processing of old maps” organised as part of the “Printemps des Cartes” Festival, 11-12 May 2023, in Montmorillon (France). Click here for more information (in French)

Article accepted at IC 2023!

The article (in French) on the “Creation of a geohistorical knowledge graph about photographers using 19th century directories” has been accepted at IC 2023 conference. Click here for more information (in French)

The third SODUCO-BNF seminar will be held on 23 May 2023

The SODUCO project and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France are jointly organising a series of seminars on the historical sources processed by the project and on the approaches developed - in the SODUCO project, but also in other research projects - to extract useful information from these sources and analyse them.

The third seminar focuses on the processing pipeline of 18th and 19th century cartographic documents at the BnF and on the formalized spatial analysis of geo-historical data in SoDUCo.

Registration is free but mandatory. The program and the registration form (in French) are available here

Article accepted at ICDAR 2023!

The article “A Benchmark of Nested Named Entity Recognition Approaches in Historical Structured Documents” has been accepted at ICDAR 2023 conference. Click here for more information

Article accepted at Humanistica 2023!

The article (in French) “Models and tools to publish metadata about geographic archival records and their derived data” has been accepted at Humanistica 2023 conference. Click here for more information (French)